Plant Protein Can Save Your Life

plant protein

A new study has found that if you eat meat, you are more likely to die.

A paper recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine last month, (August 1st, 2016) suggests that eating animal protein is associated with higher mortality rates. At the same time the study found that eating plant protein is associated with lower mortality rates.

View the study at this link here.

The basic finding confirms what most suspected already since the WHO report came out defining processed meat as a carcinogen. The simple take from this new report was that getting your protein from animals vs plants increases your risk of mortality, in other words death.

This should come as no surprise to those who follow health studies such as these. In fact, recently the WHO published a report on cancer finding that processed meat and red meat consumption are directly linked to an increased risk in various cancers.

The study found that while high animal protein intake was connected with higher mortality rates, high plant protein intake was associated with lower mortality rates.

In other words, substituting animal protein with a plant protein is better for your long term health.

The new study draws the conclusion that the source of protein in our diet directly affects mortality rates. We already know that too much protein is bad for our health. What this study shows is that not only is the amount of protein connected to health issues, but the source of that protein is equally important.

There are already a number or reasons to switch from eating meat to being a vegetarian or vegan. Whether it’s in protest of inhumane treatment of animals or taking a stand against global warming and the pollution caused by factory farming.

This report just adds more scientific data to the healthy lifestyle argument. Eating vegan or vegetarian is a valid choice for wanting to live a more healthy life.

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