Tyson Foods Known For Animal Cruelty Buys Stake In Plant Protein Food Company


The meat product giant Tyson Foods has recently bought a 5% share in a plant protein, meat alternative company called Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat is a food company startup offering meat alternatives such as veggie burgers, and chicken alternatives. They’ve mostly been found in select Whole Foods markets but hope to expand their reach by moving into more stores.

The fact that Tyson Foods has bought a stake in the company sends some mixed messages. Tyson Foods has been exposed several times for it’s animal cruelty in a number of it’s factory farms. A simple internet search of the terms, “Tyson Foods Cruelty” will reveal a number of these stories along with undercover footage.

Upon visiting the Beyond Meat website you will find the reasons the company states for seeking plant protein as an alternative. Beyond Meat is addressing, “…four major problems attributable to livestock,” last of which is, “Improving Animal Welfare.” A stark contrast with the tainted history of Tyson Foods.

The factory farm giant has always come forward after the abuse with pretty much the same tired story, that it has “human-animal interaction and worker training” in place.

Tyson Foods now has taken an interest, (at least financially) in an alternative that is cruelty free. Vegan and vegetarian foods that offer an alternative to meats that Tyson sells.

Ironically, Beyond Meat has also received funding support from The Humane Society of the United States. The Humane Society has filed complaints against Tyson Foods for their animal cruelty violations in the past. Now the two are working together in a sense to fund and support a meatless alternative. Worlds are colliding.

Beyond Meat will remain independently owned and operated despite the investment from the factory farm conglomerate, Tyson Foods.

Don’t expect that Tyson Foods has turned over a new leaf. Tyson Foods has said that they will remain focused on their prepared foods and animal protein businesses. The investment in Beyond Meat is purely a financial interest in a different market that Tyson Foods has not been a part of… until now.


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