What Do Vegans Eat?


Have you ever wondered, “What do vegans eat?”

It is very often that the term Vegan is connected to Vegetarian. Actually, there are many differences between the two. For this article we’ll focus on the dietary difference, but feel free to read up on the different types of vegetarians.

Vegans are oriented on food that is based on vegetables, then fruits, cereals, pulses, seeds and mushrooms. Apart from meat, they do not eat animal products such as milk, cheese, eggs, honey etc. That is, anything animal derived is avoided. All minerals, vitamins and materials that are needed in the body are provided from plants.

Vegan food is rich with proteins, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin B complex and omega 3 fatty acids.

Proteins are easy to get through non animal sources. Some sources high in protein include the consumption of soy which is an excellent substitute for meat. Soy milk is consumed instead of cow milk, etc.

Soy is prepared in many ways, from making an abundant meal instead of preparing meat to preparing your coffee with soy milk. Other food that provides great amount of proteins are tofu, tempeh, soy cheeses or tapioca based cheeses, lentils, almonds, peanuts, black beans, various kind of seeds.

So, what do vegans eat to get those important vitamins and essentials we always hear are so important?

Calcium as a mineral is needed to have healthy teeth and bones, vegans get calcium from spinach, broccoli, kale, almonds, etc.

Iron as another mineral on the list is absorbed from the foodstuff like beans, peas, cereals, greens, watermelon, dried fruits, etc. To increase the intake of iron it is good to include food with vitamin C, you can include some citrus fruits in your salad or tomatoes.

Vitamin B, especially B12 can’t be found in plants, vegans can provide B12 from fortified soy milk, some cereals and nutritional yeast. Sometimes a B12 supplement is an easy option.

Omega-3 fatty acids play a great role in development of the brain and they are good for the heart. Vegans can get this from things such as flax seeds, in the canola or rapeseed oil, nuts like walnuts and hemp oil.

Just as other people that enjoy food and eating, vegans mix and combine all kinds of flavors and spices often making their food extremely delicious and full of options.

At first look, it may appear that the list of the ingredients is limited, however vegan food brings many healthy and delicious meals and even people that are not vegan often find they enjoy it very much.

Here are some examples of how vegans eat tasty:

  • fruits and smoothies
  • vegetables prepared as soups, salads or burgers
  • consuming oatmeals, brans combined with dried fruits, seeds and other cereals
  • integral foodstuffs such as breads and pastas
  • soy and its products as tofu, soy milk, tempeh
  • plant-based milk (coconut, almond, hemp or rice milk)
  • all kind of nuts and seeds

This is the short list of food that is present in a vegans’ kitchen and it is clear that vegans like and eat nice and tasty food. Some of the items may be hard to find but surely people all over the world enjoy this kind of food.

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